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Birthday Card Shower Invitations

Planning a Card Shower

     With email taking the place of handwritten messages, mailed birthday cards have become even more prized than in the past. Card showers have customarily been given for older people that are not up to an elaborate party or for people who live too far away for a typical birthday party.  Even when family and friends gather together for a birthday celebration, older people may prefer cards instead of gifts that they do not need and may not have room for. Combining a card shower with a small family birthday party is the best of both worlds. If someone you care about is having a milestone birthday, you may want to have an actual party with family and close friends, and a card shower to include their larger circle of friends. Invitations are available with practically every theme imaginable and appropriate wording is shown in the sample from Tiny Tidings which is shown above. Be sure to include the address and a suggested time frame for when to send the cards.
     To make the shower even more fun, the people closest to the guest of honor can send several cards each, including a wide variety of styles and designs. Favorite choices sentimental, funny, religious, musical and even talking cards. Don't forget to include cards featuring their favorite hobbies and activities. Plan for the first card to arrive about a month before the big event and consult with other family members to stagger their arrival. Consider requesting birthday cards from local businesses, state and federal government officials, and even the President! It may surprise you to find that the people participating in the shower can end up having as much fun as the recipient. People often get caught up in seeing how creative they can be and sometimes even involve friends and coworkers. A recent 80th birthday card shower we know of, included handmade cards signed in crayon by small children, cards from family pets (signed with paw prints) and even a Christmas Card, with the holiday greeting marked out and the words "Happy Birthday" written in. For the grand finale, the collection of cards spread out on a long table at the birthday party makes quite a display! A card box decorated to match the party decorations is the perfect birthday gift and will be a treasured reminder of the many people that shared in the joy of their special day.